Test of Time: The Enduring Legacy of Victoria City Hall is the remarkable story of a significant civic landmark building. A tale of survival and renewal, its rich history spans over 150 years, charting the heritage development of Victoria, British Columbia from a frontier outpost to a thriving modern city.

Victoria City Hall has endured tumultuous times and decades of change – from a contentious beginning, through stages of construction, cycles of neglect, and numerous attempts to sell or demolish it. A bold new vision in the 1960s retained this impressive building as the cornerstone to Centennial Square, initiating the local heritage conservation movement and breathing new life into downtown Victoria. In the 21st century, restoration and renewal continue, ensuring a bright and productive future for this civic complex.

Donald Luxton and Victoria Civic Heritage Trust celebrate the history of an important landmark with lively quotes and anecdotes, fascinating research, and beautifully designed graphics with over 150 photographs, maps and illustrations. Recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada and a municipal heritage site, Victoria City Hall is the proud symbol of a city that cherishes its heritage – an enduring legacy that has stood the test of time.

By Donald Luxton & Victoria Civic Heritage Trust
Book design by Lis Erling Bailly
104 pages with over 150 photographs
Includes DVD: A Townscape Rediscovered: Construction of Centennial Square, 1966.


Victoria Civic Heritage Trust
250 361 3863

Printed in Canada