Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, my education includes a B.A. Fine Art from Guelph University and Concordia University (1975), and I am an Honorary Graduate for the Victoria College of Art (1981).  I now reside in Victoria, BC where, as a freelance graphic designer and art director, my experience covers a broad spectrum of design disciplines. My interests include art consulting, heritage, architectural and exhibition design, book design and publishing.
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Like many other 'creatives', I have been making a few paintings and taking a few photographs along the way throughout my career. I have now re-emerged to focus on personal projects including digital photography, cyanotype and book design. I also curate an online art gallery shop featuring the inspiring work of a creative community based on the West Coast.

I am an intuitive explorer of the natural world. Fascinated by colour, my process is primarily about following the light and exploring ways of seeing. Sometimes it is a quick response to a texture or graphic composition that captures my attention – finding something interesting in an everyday place. It is also about the convergence of more traditional painterly approaches with digital imagery. At this point I embrace the freedom to pursue several lines of inquiry and continue to build the portfolios you will find here on this website. 

Recent Exhibitions


Beach Alchemy: New Cyanotypes
Art Atelier 546
546 Yates Street, Victoria BC

MAY 2015
Victoria: Past, Present, Future
Art Atelier 546, Victoria BC

MAY 2015
Art Victoria Now
CACGV in the Atrium

FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 25 2015
Beyond Appearances
Dales Gallery, 537 Fisgard Street, Victoria BC

Looking Back: The Art of Nostalgia
Vermont Photoplace Gallery
Juror: Mary Ann Lynch
» Looking Back: The Art of Nostalgia

Attachments: New Photography
McPherson Playhouse, Victoria BC
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» lines and spaces

APRIL 2011
Solo Exhibition: New Horizons
Luz Gallery
» New Horizons