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August 13, 2011

Effective Marketing for Fine Art Photographers with Lauren Henkin :

On August 6, 2011 I attended a great workshop with art photographer, book designer and networking guru Lauren Henkin from Portland Oregon. What an inspiring seminar! We discussed everything from developing relationships with curators and galleries, to portfolios reviews, producing professional marketing materials and limited edition artist books. Practical stuff like how to write a eye-catching CV when most of your gallery exhibitions were, sadly, decades ago.

Lauren has amazing focus and boundless enthusiasm for how to make less traditional and more 'roundabout' approaches like social media really work for you. On her blog Photo Radio for example she posts interview with other creatives.

She has inspired the formation of a new Facebook group for local photographers and we are talking about a regular 'show and tell' or 'salon' to share and critique recent work. And I am definately going to take the plunge into a couple of book projects that have been gestating...more about that later...

I expect that she will return for a repeat performance next year at Luz Gallery, so let them know if you are interested! Are there enough hours in day to accomplish our dreams and goals? Lauren is proof that yes, there are.

Here are some of Lauren's links:


» Photo Radio : Conversations on the Visual Arts

» Facebook : Lauren Henkin, Photographer

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